1. What should I do when assigned a user by Toothsay?

In Toothsay, user will be submitting a query for advice by uploading of pictures/short video and some descriptions into a Group. This group is only visible to the user and Toothsay. When a Dentist is assigned to a user, the Dentist will join the Group.The dentist shall reply, comment and update on the advice to the user or request more detailed pictures/info if necessary.

2. The function of Toothsay Bot in the Group

In the Group, you will see a user with the name Toothsay. This is the System/ Bot (Robot Moderator to ensure that the conversation is kick-started properly. 

3. No reply from user after my Advice

User may sometimes forget or did not check on notifications, hence may not be able to be as responsive. You may send gentle reminders in the Group or just wait for user to get back. 

4. Toothsay as a Connecting Platform

Toothsay is an online platform to connect user to Dentists for the correct follow up treatments. After providing advice, it is recommended that Dentist to communicate and make appointments for user to pay a visit to the clinic for further checking/treatment if necessary.