Check your teeth Anytime Anywhere

You can now send a picture/video of your teeth and get advice on current condition of your teeth from Dentist.

1. Sign Up with Toothsay

Register yourself with Toothsay. 

2. Snap Pictures - Record Videos of your Teeth - Mouth

Take clear pictures and short videos of your teeth and around your Mouth. Upload to your Dental Record in Toothsay. Provide further description of your condition together with the pictures provided so that Dentist can better understand it.

3. Advice from Dentist

A Dentist will be assigned to provide advice on your condition.You may interact via the Dental Record or do a Chat with the Dentist.

4. Follow Up

If required, you may schedule a Dental Appointment with the Dentist. As and when, you may still post questions and queries here and Dentist will get back to you.